Do you own a website or a blog and couldn’t keep up with transcribing your daily or weekly podcast or video blogs?

Are you working on your research and need to transcribe your interviews?

Do you want a transcript of a certain video lecture?

Do you have PDF files of documents and need them editable as a Microsoft Word document?

Let me help you. Among the things I can do:

  • transcribe general and medical audios
  • have it intelligent verbatim or strict verbatim
  • format the document the way you wanted
  • convert Word to PDF file
  • grab the video you need to transcribe at a certain website, no need for you to convert to mp3
  • type PDF files to Word document

Usually, I just charge per minute/hour of audio. Is there additional cost for…

  • …multiple speakers? No, if you have a video to guide me to differentiate between speakers.
  • …audio with noise? Send me your audio and I’ll see if I can work on it.
  • …strict verbatim? No, if your audio is clear.
  • …quick turnaround time? I’ll see if I have free time for the day, I can do 24-hour TAT or even less than that. I currently have a day job so I can’t always accommodate quick TAT.

Click the button below for a trial transcription. It will take you to my Fiverr account.

Or directly contact me here:

Whatsapp: +639173938123

Please see my Fiverr account for reviews of my work.


I can also work on simple Photoshop editing such background removal, photo manipulation and vector tracing.

I also do brochures, posters, invitations, calling cards among others.

Please see my Fiverr account for reviews of my work.


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My sister and I also offer post production video editing specializing in wedding videos. For quotes, please contact us on the e-mails provided above.