Seize Sicogon!

Super Lykee transform!

*This is not an itinerary post. I’ll just post photos and some facts for your reference.

As a nurse, I was assigned in the OR-DR-PACU and it was a special area with super high levels of toxicity. So when a chance presented itself, many of us grabbed the opportunity to be stress-free for two days.

We rented a coaster because it’s, like, the 30 of us. We left Iloilo at around 5 A.M. and arrived at Estancia Port at around 8 A.M. We were kinda stranded because there was a road block. On that day, there’s sort of a Sinugba Festival, if I was right. So we had to ride the trike to the port. It was sort of like a trike parade for us, haha!

Some of us brought fresh fish nearby before taking the boat which was another hour.

Then the island. Fine, white sand. Pristine, blue waters. Rich, azure sky. Ugh, the best!


Some of us brought our own tents so we set them up upon arrival and some of us who didn’t have tents were in the rented big tent.

We swam and chilled out and at around 3 P.M. we started trekking up Mt. Opao. We were divided into groups of 5, one guide for each group.

We were all not in good physical condition so the 1.5 hour or so hike up the mountain was quite a challenge for us. In our group, we had, like, 10 or more stops, haha! There were 2 different traverse and we luckily took the shortcut. We were one of the last groups to take off but we arrived at the top first.

A shot taken to celebrate the fact that we conquered Mt. Opao. Yeah!
Shot overlooking Tumaguin Island

We were thinking of jump shots but my other workmates were doubting the safety of doing it in that kind of terrain but being me, haha, I did it anyway.




I got a hang of GIFs obviously. 😉

That night we had dinner and bonfire.

And the next day, early in the morning, we went to cross the sea to Tumaguin Island because the sandbar was still up and it’s possible to go to the islets nearby. But as we’re told, the tide goes up at around 7-8 A.M.


The islets at the back which you could go to on low tide


A shot at the sandbar in Tumaguin Island

We had our lunch, swam some more and on the boat to the port at around 1 P.M.

A souvenir from my Sicogon trip: Burnt skin!

Here are a few things to note:

*I thought, from the blogs, that there’s no electricity by nighttime but there were locals around and there is definitely electricity. The island’s caretaker has a house there and they provide food and drinks as well.

*There’s a comfort room, yey! There’s one outside and another inside the house.

*You can have a boat to Isla de Gigantes which is nearby and vice versa. There were some visitors who had Sicogon as part of their island hopping, they coming from Gigantes.

So that’s it. I’m sorry I didn’t have any info about rates or so but I hope I helped you somehow to decide if you should include Sicogon in your backpacking trip… which you definitely should. You’d be crazy not to.

*Each of us paid P1,350 for this trip, all in. Super sulit!



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