Tatlong Pulo, Guimaras: Pre-Valentine’s Day Fourthwheeling


So my friends Jing-Jing and Mario invited me to a day trip to Tatlong Pulo at Guimaras to celebrate Jing-Jing’s mother’s birthday. They brought my ihada (godkid– is there even such a term to merge goddaughter+godson?), hence, fourthwheeling. Haha!

I met them at the Ortiz Wharf at nearly 8 AM coming straight from a 12-hour night duty. Yes, I am superhuman like that. From there, we took the pumpboat to Guimaras.

This was my second time going to the island. The first time was last year with my OR co-workers and we were a large group of 20+. We rented small pumpboats (occupies 6-8 persons) from Puyo Wharf to the island the first time I went there. This time, we just asked at the guest assistance desk, we chose the trike, and we were assigned a trike driver.

Travel time is around 30-40 minutes from the wharf to the start of the trek by tricycle. If you’re not used to tricycle rides, be warned that it’s a bumpy ride.

We have to walk this upward road and my ihada, Rianne, is excited to start trekking.


This is where the trekking starts.
I have read from blogs that you should bring food when you go to the island ’cause you have nowhere to buy food around. But, there’s this store right where the trike drops you. The caretaker of the island also has a sari-sari store. So, no worries.


You won’t get lost.


Entrance fees cover the cottage where you’ll be staying.


I’ve seen kayaks or small boat for rent to reach the island at the center. But if you’re up for adventure, wait ’til around 2PM and you can walk to and back again. If you’re short and doesn’t know how to swim, don’t worry, I’m 4’11” and I can do it.

You can bring your own tent but you will still pay for the P150 entrance/overnight fee. We brought rice grains and had Manang Jiji (the caretaker) cook the rice for us for P60. We have pork and Mario was assigned the task of BBQing. They have grill spots for that.

And yes, they have a comfort room.

FYI: 1) You can’t go up the lighthouse. 2) Bring water shoes/sandal or something because there are rocky parts.




Pumpboat Ortiz Wharf to Jordan and vice versa (one way) – P14

Tricycle Jordan Wharf to Brgy. Sinapsapan (one way, 6 max) – P 300

Single motorcycle (one way, may occupy up to 2) – P150

Paluto for rice – P60

Entrance fee for overnight (with cottage)- P150/head

Entrance fee daytime- P50/head


Manang Jiji- 09158787377

Do not text. I tried inquiring by text before and I didn’t receive any reply.


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