Tatlong Pulo, Guimaras: Pre-Valentine’s Day Fourthwheeling

So my friends Jing-Jing and Mario invited me to a day trip to Tatlong Pulo at Guimaras to celebrate Jing-Jing’s mother’s birthday. They brought my ihada (godkid– is there even such a term to merge goddaughter+godson?), hence, fourthwheeling. Haha! I met them at the Ortiz Wharf at nearly 8 AM coming straight from a 12-hour…

Piso Fare Sale and Broken Hearts

It was around 12 midnight when I was just browsing the Internet for random stuff. A “ting” came by and I shifted my gaze from the center of the phone screen into the top part to see my notifications. [Some image] PISO Fare… I panicked but I’ve faced this battle before so I was prepared….