5 Life Lessons from Goblin

goblin16-01931Goblin just ended and it crushed my heart. The whole time I was watching the last two episodes, I was squeezing my chest with the intensity much like how the Grim Reaper and Sunny cry their hearts out when faced with their ill-fated love and much like Eun Tak crying in episode 14.

It was a bittersweet farewell to a series that is more than just birth secrets, heinous villains, jealous other guy/girl and other K-drama clichés. Well, it has some fair share of clichés but it worked with the story as a whole so it’s forgivable. And the show used the clichés to give it some angst, melancholy and a good storyline.

So before I go on and babble some more about what else I love about the show, here are some life lessons I picked in the show. Maybe that’s why I was bawling (char!) every now and then, because they just hit the right spot in my heart and in my life.

WARNING: Might contain some spoilers but I’ll try my best to be subtle.

FYI: In case you’re not aware, this is not a Catholic show so the narrative includes deities or gods and not just one God. It’s the thought that I want to emphasize.

1. God listens. You just have to pray harder.

Ji Eun Tak was supposed to die in her mother’s womb but with an earnest prayer from her dying mother, she was given a chance to live. When she was 19, she prayed so hard for three things, so loud that the goblin heard her prayer.

Well, I don’t think I need to explain further.

2. Every life is touched by a deity at least once. Just when you’re drifting away from the world, if someone nudged you back in the right direction, that would be when the deity visits you.

In our lives, there are chance encounters that we might not remember or acknowledge but have, in one way or another, made difference especially in those times when we were at our most desperate.
I always joke that I’m traveling because I’m soul-searching. Well, partly yes. But it’s somehow funny that what I want to find is a reason not to pursue my profession but the chance encounters I had pointed me into that direction.

I found a single mother who is working hard to support her child but at the same time going to school and taking up Nursing because she likes it. And even though it’s hard juggling all her responsibilities, she is still able to do it because she loves what she’s doing and she’s doing it for the one she loves.

Then I met a guy who encouraged me to take the NCLEX again because sometimes, success isn’t in the first, second, third try… it’s sometimes in the 10th when your hope is all gone but you just decided to go for it anyway.

But then of course…

3. Fate is God’s question. We are given the freewill to answer that question.

We always blame God that He’s not giving us what we want. What I love about the concept in the show is that God doesn’t answer our prayers and instead presents us with opportunities or roadblocks.

Sometimes, God gives us what we really want but as time passes by, we long for the other choice we didn’t make. It’s not God to blame nor do we have to blame ourselves. It’s our decision, it’s our answer to His question, so we just have to take responsibility for it.

4. Suicide is the greatest sin.

In the show, people who take away their own life become grim reapers as punishment for committing the greatest sin. They are neither living nor dead and they have to usher people to their death. They have no names and memories of their past life but they need food to eat and shelter. They are deprived of the name and the life they gave up so that they will long for life desperately.
And so…

5. Live life as if it’s your last. Life is beautiful.

It’s something that we hear so often and thought we understand completely. But it’s something that we ignore when we are too busy. It’s something that we forget in times of desperation. It’s something that we waste when we are too proud.

And especially when we lose someone we love, our grief makes us want to take our own life, or maybe waste our life. But as what one dying character said to the other, “You have to live on. You’ll cry sometimes but you have to laugh a lot and be strong—that’s how you honor the love you were given.”



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