Nadsadjan Falls

My first time going to the falls was February last year. I went there with my co-workers to celebrate our one year of being in the OR (where we formed our little group Debayke).

The second time, last January 2, was supposed to be our high school barkada getaway but due to the alam-mo-na planned travels for barkada, it all went down to the five of us:


This wouldn’t be a long post. Just to provide you with info how to get there.

  • Take a jeep @ Super (wet market near Robinson’s Place Iloilo). Journey time: 2 hours. Fare: P50.
  • Like the first time we went there, I contacted my co-worker (an orderly) Tay Glen. If he doesn’t have work, he’s very willing to accommodate those who have plans at Igbaras (the falls, Mt. Napulak). But I don’t know if he’s open to strangers. Just contact me if you’re interested, I can mention it to him. He drove us in his owner type jeepney, P500 for the transpo and the guide.
  • When we reached Brgy. Passi, we registered our names and I thought there’s a fee but we didn’t pay anything. Just registered there for safety purposes.
  • Trek was around 30-45 minutes to the falls.
  • Best time to go there on a dry season. The last time we went there February, we were able to swim right at the “cauldron.” But this January, maybe due to the weather conditions, the water current was strong and it’s kind of impossible to swim there. It was very deep so people have to be cautious.
  • Bring your own food. There are no stores or something there. Bring also plastic bags to bring your garbage with you when you go home.
  • The first time we went there, we used our patadyong when changing our clothes. But now, they have installed a toilet and a small shed for change of clothes.
  • There were single motorcycles that can bring you there but according to Tay Glen, It’s P200 to and P100 back.
  • Ride the Igbaras jeep at the plaza to Mohon Terminal, fare: P40. We rode the Villa jeep to go to Robinson’s Place Iloilo for, I’m not sure, P7-P10.

Here goes photos of our trip this year. Sorry, we just had phone photos.

And our trip last year when I still had my DSLR. =(














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