Barcelona, Catalan, Beef Pares and Hugot Lines

Currently @ Pares kag Mami Haus ni Jimburg after sending off my couchsurfer guest Nuria from Spain. Too bad she only spent one night. She found out that there’s a ferry to Palawan today at 7pm so she bought a ticket rather than wait for Monday. 

It was my 2nd time in this place and food was okay. It’s located in front of Sta. Teresita Church near Robinson’s. What’s fascinating here are the hugot lines.

Back to Nuria, she came from Boracay yesterday and since she has a very outgoing personality, she just left her bag at my place and we went around downtown. 

Nuria telling me she arrived at SM City

She had a taste of the Queen siopao by Roberto’s. Honestly, that was my first time also to have Queen siopao. I’m not a siopao person. I either buy cheeseburger or the sotanghon whenever I eat there. 

Then we went to Smallville, Atria and had desserts at Sweet Cravings. 

At my place, like we talked about earlier, we watched Barcelona: A Love Untold. Haha! It was kind of fair because while it was a disadvantage for her because it was Tagalog, we couldn’t read the English subtitle whenever someone is speaking in Spanish because it was a pirated copy and the part with the subtitles was cut. 

She pointed out different sites in Barcelona and her hometown Girona and gave us some trivia or fun facts about those places or structure such as tge unfinished Sagrada Familia Basilica and the place where Game of Thrones shot some scenes for the 6th season. 

I went to AM duty and she walked around the city some more today. She told me she bought the ticket to Palawan so I sent her off to the port.

Nuria hanging out at Cafe San Angel waiting for me to get off work.
Nuria telling me she’s already at my place, so sorry for the long wait.

It was fun to meet her because she is very talkative, I guess that’s what you get when you’re faced with a teacher. It’s just disappointing she didn’t stay long. I didn’t have the chance to have more Spanish lessons with her as that’s her specialty, especially Catalan which according to her is a mix of Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese. 

I saw in her a person who gets very chatty when talking about something that she loves. I miss that in myself, when I have rare chances of being talkative because someone is interested to hear about the things that I love. 



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