Escolta! Architectural Appreciation with Kat

Since I’ll have a very early flight to Manila (12:05 AM) and I will have an overnight bus trip to Sagada, I decided to ask my friend Kat who was my very first couchsurfer and whose work and passion is all about heritage sites to tour me around her workplace. I didn’t actually expect her place to be Escolta.
I slept for a few hours at the airport and then at around 5 AM, rode the shuttle bus (P20) to Taft Avenue Station and then I’m off to Carriedo. This screenshot was my lifesaver:


Since I haven’t eaten yet, I had my breakfast somewhere around Carriedo Station.
I love how I had a sizzling burger steak at a place like that for just P39!
Then, Google Map was my friend. I just followed that dot and walked from Carriedo Station to First United Building.
The truth is I somehow got lost and I think it’s still too early to disturb Kat so when I saw the church (insert Church name here after I search for it in the Internet), I stayed there for a while.
By some divine intervention, I found the building and I was able to meet Kat.
And then we started with the tour.






The truth is I haven’t memorized what this building was and its historical importance. But I remembered the stories and these were just kind of juggled up in my mind. Not that Kat wasn’t a good guide, she is the best on the contrary. It’s just that I just love to hear the stories and how Kat is so excited when telling me these things.
Then we had lunch at one of the many Chinese restaurants in Binondo. I had a video but I can’t upload it here.
After lunch, I helped Kat in their store at the Hub Make Lab at Escolta. There I got to know Sir Seb of 1375 designs (link of FB here later). He makes hand-cut and manually binded notebooks whose front covers he designs by himself, by his wife or by their offspring (I forgot if they had a daughter or a son).
Kat bought me one as a thank you for the couchsurfing before. She asked Sir Seb to draw the First United Building to commemorate (wow ha?) my trip there.
Sir Seb kind of enlightened me towards my confusion regarding career and passion. His advice? I gave my parents what they wanted and now, I should follow what I wanted.
At around 6PM, I started off to Codalines for my trip to Sagada.
(Sagada trip link here)
As I’m writing this post, I just realized this was not just an art appreciation tour. It was more of a passion tour, knowing Sir Seb and his passion for his art, the passion of all those in The Hub Make Lab incorporating those passions in their startups and of Kat and her passion for heritage and Philippine history and individuality.
Big question is…

Am I brave enough to follow my passion?


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