How I Spent 11K pesos For My 10-day Vacation Trip

I go on vacation once in a blue moon. Really.

I’m the type of employee who can’t really be absent and just reason out that I’m sick or I have some emergency. Once, I was pouring out to my friends over some fiesta food and a few alcoholic drinks how I wanted to be free and do what I want in my life. And so they suggested I should start by skipping my night duty. After an hour or so of them holding me back and me insisting to go, my good employee side won.

So because I have this 15-day vacation leave (never non-staggered), tinodo ko na!

Last year, I went to Hong Kong with my sister, my friend and her boyfriend. That was the time when the fad was going out of the country like Thailand or Singapore.

This time, I decided to go to places around the Philippines with the influence of DIY Travel Philippines and a few couchsurfers I met along the way.

This was my original plan and original budget:

Lykee’s June trip

Here are my goals:

  1. Female solo backpacking
  2. Discover myself (too cliche, but yeah) and things that I can do
  3. Discover Philippines
  4. Trial backpacking for a bigger backpacking I’m dreaming about (Asia trip)
  5. Meet people and make friends

And I have a few rules for myself too but I realized recently when I read my notebook that I haven’t really followed them all.

  1. Say “NO” only 3 times a day. So I really forgot about this because when you’re so busy Google Mapping, you can’t really count how many times you say no. And I think I have said “YES” to most of the adventure invites along the way.
  2. One pic per experience. Definitely hard to do, who doesn’t agree with me? I just supposedly want to just take a sort of memorabilia and make the most of the time just appreciating the place and meeting people. But then the people I met and the people I am with, they love taking pictures so I have no choice. And I somehow realized that “picture taking” is a bonding moment with new people. So why not?
  3. Make short video clips. Okay, I did this. Just so I have something to practice on because I want to learn Adobe Premiere.
  4. Do one dare from a local/host. Didn’t do this. I forgot. But I thought it would be more fun, don’t you think?

And of course, because I’m a hair color lover, I colored my hair. At work I can’t do this so I should definitely do this on my vacation. And because last vacation leave I hadn’t achieved this goal, I should do it this time.


Okay. I just had it bleached because I thought it’s wiser to spend the P600-800 of hair color for my upcoming travel. I think it’s a good decision.

Anyways, here’s the complete list of my expenses. If you don’t see any price next to some description, it means it’s free. =) I was so blessed! And this is not an itinerary guide. It’s just a list of expenses. Maybe I’ll post the links here later as I go along and write posts for specific places I went to.

June trip blog

Posts coming soon:

Escolta! Historical Sites tour with Kat

Sagada Spelunking and Kiltepan Sunrise

Tattooed by Wang-od at Kalinga

Sky Ranch and the Veggie Pizza

EK and People’s Park with Mami and Kids

Things I’ve Learned






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