Kitty Hauz and Re-routing

Sometimes when I’m on PM duty (3PM to 11PM), I just sleep at the hospital and wake up before the AM shift starts. Today, i woke up at around 5:30 AM and decided to walk to my boarding house (Infante Avenue, near Iloilo Doctors Hospital) instead of taking the Villa jeep.

Sometimes, I do this, maybe to have a little adventure in my own little way or maybe just to know my city more.

Reaching the University of San Agustin, I decided to take a left turn and thought of having breakfast at Quorum (serves -silog meals). I’ve eaten there once when my dutymates and I decided to eat a very-late-supper/very-early-dinner after our PM duty.

But I remembered passing by the Kitty Hauz which was a newly opened tapsilogan with a Hello Kitty theme all throughout. I’ve learned this from a co-worker who very much loves Hello Kitty.12966759_10204407310782449_805954054_n

It was a small place but, I think, would be a heaven to Hello Kitty lovers. Right from their sign outside with a bench (for picture taking purposes if not for tambayan), the curtain, electric fan cover, the table napkin holder, the spoon and fork, the plates, the throwpillows… I don’t think I can name everything that is Hello Kitty in there.




The food– I ordered a tapsilog for P55 and it was satisfying. Other menus include cornsilog, hotsilog, chicksilog, at P45-P65. They also offer frappes but it wasn’t available at that time.


Oh, and they are open 24 hours.

After, I thought I’ll go back to the main road but decided against it. I thought of taking the “likod-SanAg” route.


I passed by 88 Plaza Hotel which I once recommended to a couple Couchsurfers who happened to find the place cheap and overall satisfied with their stay. I haven’t stayed there or know anything about the place but I pass by the hotel a lot of times. I also recommended to them the nearby City Dorm but according to them, thou shall not consider going there.



Eventually, I reached my destination and I was surprised how near it is and very walkable. I’m definitely going to make a lot of detours in the future.


Lazy Lykee Detouring



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