Couchsurfers from DIY Travel Philippines Facebook group


Marj (the one holding the monopod) sent me a message on Couchsurfing asking to stay for 1 night with a friend. I accepted because she told me that they will arrive at night time then go early in the morning.

A few days before, she told me another friend will be joining so I said it’s okay.

They arrived at around 8 PM indeed and the first thing they wanted to do was to eat because they last ate at around lunch time and their Guimaras land and island tour was exhausting. We went to Netong’s to eat batchoy since that was their request. We took two jeepney rides, stopped over at Jaro Cathedral then off to Atria.

After eating, they asked to just take the taxi because they were dead tired. We had a little chat about their travel itinerary. They only had one day down from their 7-day Visayas tour itinerary and they were talking about traveling from one place to another was taking a bunch of their time and their budget.

I’ve learned from them the Facebook group DIY Travel Philippines where members just post their itineraries and other members could join or maybe copy and make changes in the itinerary for their own tour. Some also ask for info on fares, what vehicle to take, cheap (or free) accommodations or tour packages.

It’s nice to know that there are just one-day tours just around Manila or something. It’s great to know that there are many unexplored but beautiful places in the Philippines and that many Filipinos are appreciating them.

Their itinerary was amazing. I was happy to be a part of their adventure. Sa vacation leave ko on June, I’m going to have my own adventure too. So anyone who might be reading this, I’m going to Tagaytay-Baguio-Vigan and wherever in between tour on June 3-9, 2016. Text me if you want to join, okay?

My number: 09302336326

I don’t have a solid itinerary yet like theirs but I’m working on it. Hehe.


-Sobrang salamat sa naka sama namin! Sa uulitin! :))

March 27 ETA 8am
Budget: 1500
-Ride a PUV express bound to SM ILOILO(Php 70)
-Ride a taxi(SM City Proper) to Ortiz Wharf(Php 103/3=35
From Ortiz Wharf, Iloilo City to Jordan Wharf
– Daily Trips: From 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM (every 15-30 minutes)
– Travel Time: 15 -20 minutes
– Regular Fare: Php14/pax
-Upon arrival in Guimaras, Head straight to their tourism office so that they can assist you in your land tour and maybe you can also find people you can share expenses with.
Whole day Land tour via tricycle good for 5 pax (Php 1500/5=300)
Guisi Lighthouse
Firing range(Php 170/pax+12/bullet)
Alubihod(Island Hopping)
Mango Trappist Monestary
Lunch in Pitstop:Php 79 +43(215/5 for mango pizza)
Island hopping in Alubihod(Php 850/5=170
Ave Maria
Baras cave
Linarawan beach
Snorkling area
Note:Just go to alubihod, they provide island hopping tour. 550 for the first hour and 150 for succeeding hours.
-Jordan Wharf to Ortiz Wharf(Php 20)
-Tricycle to couchsurfer’s house(Php 15)
-Overnight in Iloilo(Couchsurfing)
-Dinner: Netong’s Batchoy(Php130)
-Taxi fare(Php 80/4=20)

-Breakfast: Chowking(Php 70)
-By 5:30am, Go to Molo Terminal(Php 14)
– In molo terminal, take a van plying iloilo-caticlan/iloilo-culasi/iloilo-libertad route(Php 170, 4hrs by van and 5hrs by Bus)
-Alight in brgy importante, Tibiao.
-Take a habal-habal to Kayak Inn.(Php 70)
-Baranggay fee(Php 50)
Where to sleep:
Kayak Inn/Bluewave Rate: 300/pax

Note: They dont have signal there, so contact numbers are useless smile emoticon
Things to do:
1.Try kawa hot bath(php 250 but they gave it for us for only 200)
2. Bugtong bato waterfalls( Guide fee: Php 150/5=30)
3. White water kayaking(Php 600, so we didn’t try)
4.Tibiao Malakagat Hanging Bridge(we told the habal-habal driver to stop for some picture taking)
-Dinner: Php 65

BUDGET: 1000
Woke up by 5am
-Breakfast: Php 40
-Habal habal from blue wave to kanto ng brgy importante(Php70)
-Bus to Culasi, 30min(Php 30)
-In Culasi, head straight to the tourism office to register. Tricycle fare(Php 9)
-Boat ride to Malalison,30min(Php 150/pax)
-Evironmental Fee(Php 20)
-Terminal fee(Php10)
-Malalison Island tour guide for trekking(Php 200/5=40)
-Cottage fee(Php 250/5=50)
-Lunch: Php 25

By 1pm
-Ceres bus from Culasi to Kalibo,2.5hrs(Php 110)
-Take another van from Kalibo to Roxas City(Php 120, 2hrs)
-Tricycle to couchsurfers house(Php 10)
-Tricycle to El circulo(Php 10)
-Tricycle to baybay for dinner(Php 10)
-Dinner(Php 90)
-Sleep in Roxas City(Couchsurfing)

BUDGET: 2000
Woke up by 4am
Note: First trip from Roxas City to Estancia by bus is 4am
Meet up time in Estancia is 8am(Package Tour)
-Roxas City to Estancia,2hrs(Php 68 for SP)
-Tricycle to estancia port(Php 10)
-Breakfast(Php 40)
Gigantes Island Tours and Services(Package Tour)
-Php 950/pax inclusive of all entrance fee and lunch.
-Island Hopping: Tangke(Salt Water Lagoon),Cliff Jumping, Cambugao gamay Island, Bantigue Island sandbar, Lighthouse, Antonia beach, Spelunking in pawikan cave, and Langub Beach.
-Estancia port to Terminal(Php 10)
-Van(Plying Iloilo) from Estancia to balagbag, 3hrs(140)
-Tricycle from balagbag to dumangas port, 30min(Php 200/3=67)
-Dumangas to Bacolod port,2hrs(Php 81 for SP)
-Terminal fee(Php 24 for SP)
-Tricycle from Bacolod port to bus terminal to dumaguete(Php 30)
-Eat in bacolod inasal
-Bus from bacolod to dumaguete(Php 308 for SP)
-Overnight bus to Dumaguete
Note:bus leaves at 1:00am, Get your ticket by 12:00pm

March 31- APO ISLAND
Arrived in Dumaguete by 6am
-Dumaguete bus terminal to malatapay market(Bus plying Bayawan),35min(Php 20 for SP)
-Breakfast in malatapay market(Php 30)
-Rented a Boat to Apo Island, 1hr(2250/5=Php 450/pax)There’s alot of passengers you can share expenses for boat rental.
Note: Foods in Apo Island are expensive! Php 200/meal(Better bring your foods)
-Registration fee(Php 100/pax)
-Guide fee for pawikan(Php 300/3=100)
Went back to Malatapay Market by 3pm, 1hr
-Bus from Malatapaya to dumaguete(Php 21)
-Bus terminal to dumaguete port(Php 10)
-Dumaguete to Siquijor(Php 150)
-Port to Lornas end of the world(Php 50)
-Sleep in Siquijor
Lornas End of the World: Php 500 good for 2 pax + extra bed 200=700/3=Php 233
Reserved our room(Lorna’s):+639263624545

By 7am, Land tour
Rent a Tricycle (Php 1000/3=333)
Contact number: 09067962205-Kuya romeo -Century Old Balete Tree for fish spa(Php 5)
* Cambugahay Falls
* Salagdoong Beach (Php 25)
* Salagdoong Man made forest
* Mangroves(Php 10)
* Cang-isok house(oldest house in Siquijor)
* Calipay Spring
* Paliton Beach
Overnight in Siquijor @Lorna’s End of the World(Php 250/pax x 2=500)
– I suggest you go for overnight in Dumaguete so that by tomorrow you can start early for south cebu adventure(Which is our mistake, we didnt sleep in Dumaguete)
– You can sleep in Harolds Mansion in Dumaguete for 250/pax

April 2-3 CEBU
Contact: Raymund Sande- +639151392249/09326079016
BUDGET: 3500
Note: First trip from Siquijor to Dumaguete is at 6am.
– Siquijor to Dumaguete Port,1.5hrs(Php 100)
– Terminal fee in Siquijor Port(Php 11.5)
– Tricycle/jeep to sibulan Port (Php 30)
– Sibulan to Liloan Port, 30min(Php 55)
– Habal-habal from liloan to badian(Php200/pax) Due to lack of time
-Canyoneering(We arrived in South cebu by 9am, and started canyoneering by 11am)
-Sleep in Sir Raymund’s Homestay
April 3
Woke up by 3:30 and wait for bus to pass by 4am. Stop at Bato, then Bato to Oslob
-Oslob Whaleshark(Php 500)
-Osmeña Peak(Go to dalaguete and ride a habal-habal/ you can rent a habal-habal from oslob to dalaguete for 500/pax RT(We headed back to badian after the trek)
-Pescador Island hopping(Php 500/pax)
-Badian to Cebu Airport(Php200-Package of sir raymund)



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